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Protect Your Heavy Equipment from Ultraviolet Rays

Protect heavy equipment and other expensive assets from damaging UV radiation with a protective cover that blocks UV rays.

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TranSCAN® captures object in 3D to provide a perfect cover fit

Transhield's 3D modeling capabilities make patterning and fitting a custom protective cover very efficient. Learn about TranSCAN technology.

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Transhield’s Past is a Story of Perseverance

Transhield knows not to fear setbacks and hardship, instead learning from bumps in the road and ingraining perseverance into its operations.

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5 Tips to Winterize Your Boat

5 easy tips to prepare your boat for winter storage.

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Protecting Your Boat: How-To Videos

Discover Transhield's three-part video series detailing how to properly protect your boat or personal watercraft from environmental and weather conditions.

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What is a Breathable Cover?

Breathable cover explained

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Transhield Awarded Longer Contract with IBBI

Transhield is awarded a longer contract with IBBI as preferred supplier of transportation and storage covers.

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Transhield Case Study: Responsive Customer Service

Discover how Transhield demonstrated responsive customer service and the keen ability to devise a solution to a complex shipping challenge.

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Waterproof Covers and April Showers

As spring rain showers hit your area, Transhield has the solutions to protect your electronic and mechanical equipment with waterproof covers.

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