Part Two: Transhield Equipment Covers Deliver Vital Equipment Protection for Wind Turbine Transportation

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In part one of our two-part series on the wind energy sector, we looked at the logistical challenges associated with the increasingly large equipment required to build wind turbines.  With wind energy providing nearly two percent of U.S. energy consumption and growing rapidly, efficiently transporting and protecting wind turbine equipment is essential for industry expansion.

 The cost and risk that comes with transporting taller towers, heavier nacelles, and longer turbine blades have resulted in manufacturing facilities being placed in close proximity to installation locations. In addition, larger equipment requires advanced cover technology to protect these valuable assets during transport.

 Part two of this series takes a deeper look at Transhield’s impact on the wind energy sector with a closer examination of our technology, design, and product capability.

 The advanced technology developed and implemented by Transhield employs a unique combination of shrink wrap and fabric to deliver premium equipment protection for transportation or storage. Tailoring this advanced material into custom fit covers ensures each piece of equipment is properly protected, from the time it leaves the factory to when it arrives at its final location and even during the time the equipment is stored in the laydown yard. Providing superior performance over alternatives such as barrier bags, wood crating, or foil bags, Transhield equipment covers truly offer the perfect solution for transporting wind turbines.

 Incorporating three powerful layers that work together to deliver unmatched equipment protection, Transhield covers are designed to withstand the most severe conditions and preserve the assets underneath. Made from UV resistant polyethylene film, the durable outer layer protects equipment from the sun, repels the harshest road and weather conditions, and is even available in multiple colors. The middle layer uses a solvent-free hot melt adhesive for superior bonding. On the inside, a soft non-woven inner layer sits snug against equipment without any risk of abrasive wear.

 Using an industrial heat tool to activate the shrinking capability of the Transhield material, a snug, “drum tight” fit is achieved, which gives manufacturers the ability to have a tight, aerodynamic cover on the products being shipped.

 “Movement and flapping of typical covers during transportation,” explains Matt Peat, VP of Sales and Marketing at Transhield, “can cause damage to the part being shipping, or not survive the trip at all and offset the purpose for covering them in the first place.”

Even with the highest quality equipment covers on the market today, Transhield is committed to innovating new technology to take on even greater challenges. 

 “We have been developing new products to meet the needs of our growing customer base, both on the raw material side as well as on the cover development side,” says Peat. “We also have our own in-house testing lab where we can run these new products – as well as competitive products – through a series of qualifying tests.” 

 The wind energy sector has provided an immense opportunity for Transhield technology to be used in transporting and storing specialized equipment, and facilitating the successful installation of wind farms everywhere. 

 “We are 100% behind this and have been for years,” says Peat, referring to the movement toward renewable energy solutions. “We look forward to what the future has to offer within the wind sector and are ready to tackle all of its challenges!”

 Ready to learn more about Transhield custom-fit equipment covers? Visit us online at for detailed product information and technological capabilities.

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