Industrial concrete covers for external curing

Concrete Curing Blankets

Concrete curing is a delicate process and achieving ultimate strength in the top layer of the concrete is imperative. Transhield, long known for advanced protective cover technology, has engineered a new product: TopCure – a concrete curing blanket that reduces the rate of evaporation and retains moisture resulting in greater top-layer durability and a grit exterior surface to prevent slips and falls.


A roll of Transhield Topcure Concrete Curing Covers

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Key Facts
  • 10’ x 250’ rolls (2,500 sf rolls)
  • 25 rolls per pallet
  • Individually wrapped
  • 71 lbs per roll
  • Meets ASTM C171


  • Highly-reflective white color repels UV rays, reduces evaporation rate, and retains moisture
  • Anti-slip “grit” surface prevents slips and falls
  • Strong. Won’t tear and fall apart when removing.
  • Lays flat


  • Hydrating pods allow faster water absorption in the nonwoven
  • Clean nonwoven maintains moisture
  • No superabsorbents used; no residue left behind

U.S. Patents: 10,675,779, 10,987,827, 10,919,181

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General Characteristics

Technology Behind Concrete Curing Blankets

Characteristics Property Test Method
Thickness 24 mils ASTM D1777
Width 120 in ASTM D1777
Basis Weight 0.25 lbs/sqy 136.00 gsm ASTM D1505
Puncture 18 lbs ASTM 4833
Elmendorf Tear 888 g MD / 2 lbs MD (machine direction) ASTM 1922
Elmendorf Tear 4,100 g CD / 9 lbs CD (cross direction) ASTM 1922
Tensile Strength 800 psi MD / 450 psi CD ASTM D882
Yield Strength 800 psi MD / 325 psi CD ASTM D882
Break Elongation 500% MD / 500% CD ASTM D882
Break Load 19 lbs MD / 11 lbs CD ASTM D882
WVTR (water vapor transmission rate) < 6 g/sqm/24h (37.8C/100F @ 100% RH) ASTM F1249
Daylight Reflectance 85% opacity ASTM E1347

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