TransTape® Heat Shrink Tape

This specialty tape can be used to repair and reinforce industrial, marine, and military protective covers. TransTape, which is both water-resistant and heat shrinkable, can be used to patch holes in covers caused during heat shrinking as well as repair small rips, tears, and snags. It can also be used to reinforce stress areas or assist in waterproofing seams.


Water-resistant outer layer increases watertightness of covers, reducing the risk of corrosion caused by water penetration.

UV Protection

Reflects UV light.


Shrinks with the shape of Transhield covers, effectively bonding to the cover once applied.


Nonwoven layer wicks moisture, preventing condensation and mold growth under the cover.

Protects from Environmental Degradation

Durable against UV, rain, snow, dust, wind, and pollutants, reducing cleaning time.

Customizable Features

Incorporates vents, zipper doors, and more, enhancing ergonomics and accessibility.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)

Patented VCI technology forms a protective barrier on metal, inhibiting corrosion by 85%-95%.


Polyurethane layer lets water vapor evaporate, preventing moisture buildup and corrosion.

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TransTape Protective Covers are Ideal for:
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General Characteristics
Characteristics Property Test Method
Backing White Polyethylene Film -
Adhesive S-EB-S Saturated -
Part # 1013 1037
Colors White White
Width 2” 4”
Roll Length 80 yrds 80 yrds
Release Liner Yes Yes
Total Thickness 10 mils 10 mils
Backing Thickness 6.25 mils 6.25 mils
180 Degree Peel lbs. lbs.
Peak 7.0 7.0
Average 6.5 6.5
Loop Track 12.0 12.0
Storage Conditions Best Stored at Room Temperature -

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