Shrinkable Tape With an Aggressive Adhesive


This specialty tape can be used to repair and reinforce. TransTape, which is both water-resistant and shrinkable, can correct patches in covers due to burns as well as repair rips and tears. It can also be used to reinforce stress areas or assist in waterproofing seams.

Person using TransTape to show the patch process
Quick Facts
  • Aggressive Adhesive
  • Water-Resistant
  • Shrinkable



  • Repair patches in cover due to burns
  • Repair rips and tears


Warning: Depending on the substrate, tape may not be removable

General Characteristics

Technology Behind TransTape


Backing White Polyethylene Film -
Adhesive S-EB-S Saturated -
- - -
Part # 1013 1037
Colors White White
Width 2" 4"
Roll Length 80 yrds 80 yrds
Release Liner Yes Yes
Total Thickness 10 mils 10 mils
Backing Thickness 6.25 mils 6.25 mils
- - -
180 Degree Peel lbs. lbs.
Peak 7.0 7.0
Average 6.5 6.5
Loop Tack 12.0 12.0
Storage Conditions Best stored at Room Temperature -
TransTape Protective Covers are Ideal for

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