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Protecting expensive aircrafts and aircraft parts is a tough challenge. Sand, dust, rodents, moisture, corrosion, scratching, and etching are all hazards to aircraft parts due to outdoor storage. Transhield aircraft & aviation covers are the ideal solution to preventing these hazards from damaging a stored aircraft.

A forward-facing airplane wrapped in Transhield aircraft & aviation covers.
Why choose Transhield for aviation covers

Transhield covers keep aircraft equipment safe from environmental hazards and allow serviceability during storage. The custom-fit covers are easy to install. They provide a snug fit keeping dirt and dust out of the equipment, and they can be reinstalled once service is complete. Custom designs can be made for both commercial and private aircraft. For more information about Transhield covers for military aviation, please visit our military aviation page.

Uncover the Technology

Our portfolio of custom-fit aviation covers

Why Transhield Works

Advanced fabrics to protect your aviation equipment

Vented doors provide proper airflow to fuselage

Transhield ventilation door covers have been extensively tested in the Arizona desert and have proven to provide sufficient corrosion protection. In addition, they protect from external elements, while keeping temperature and relative humidity inside the fuselage at acceptable levels.

Protects from Environmental Degradation

Protects from the ravages of UV rays, rain, snow, sleet, dust, wind, and airborne pollutants (ash, etc.).

Soft Interior

Non-abrasive composition that protects from the elements during transportation and storage, without causing damage to paint, gel coat, or even decals.

Controls RH%
Emits VCI+b

Corrosion and antimicrobial control to prevent mold and mildew.

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