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Protecting power sport vehicles isn’t easy, especially when they must arrive at the showroom in perfect condition. Corrosion, moisture, sun, snow, dust, road grime, rodents, and scratching can assail the precious metal parts of these vehicles — causing serious cosmetic and functional damage.

Transhield Power Sport Cover customized to fit a sport vehicle
Why choose Transhield for power sports

Transhield has developed the most advanced covers to protect power sport vehicles from costly and unpredictable environmental hazards during shipping and storage. The custom-fit covers are easy to install and shrink to provide a snug, aerodynamic fit which keeps debris, dust, and dirt out. The soft interior not only protects against etching and scratching, but also extracts moisture.

Optional features provide ease of access to the unit for serviceability.

  • Zippers for ease of access
  • Vents to increase breathability
  • Various straps, buckles, and drawstrings
  • Clear panel windows for inspection
  • Clamshell design for 360° seal
  • VCI additive for advanced corrosion protection of metal parts
Uncover the Technology

Our portfolio of custom-fit power sports covers

Why Transhield Works

Advanced covers to protect your power sport vehicles

Custom Fit

Our Transhield design team will custom-tailor the cover you need to your specifications.


Our covers prevent water intrusion which leads to a product with little to corrosion or water damage.


Our covers are all aerodynamic, leading to a tight and secure fit to protect your product.


Prevents moisture buildup that leads to mold and mildew.

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