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Customizing covers for CNC manufacturers

Our covers provide durability and prevent risks when protecting your CNC machinery—far and above what shrink wrap has to offer.

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Flatbed Shipping – Risks, Challenges, Solutions

Our flatbed shipping cover solutions mitigate risks to provide the best equipment transportation—far and above what shrink wrap has to offer.

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Design & Prototyping: Concept to Completion

Before a cover is designed, several key questions must be asked regarding the intended use and functionality.

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Transhield vs Shrink Wrap

Using shrink wrap on assets during transportation and storage doesn’t provide a reliable standard of protection. Transhield’s cover solutions solve do.

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Customizing the Perfect Cover

With our detailed design and prototyping process, we develop custom covers that match the exact dimensions of the equipment they’ll be covering.

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More Than Meets The Eye: creating a perfect cover

Our approach to designing custom-fit covers hinges on collaboration and attention to detail, allowing us to create unique designs for each cover.

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