This area will give you the information we need in regard to drawing views, scaling, formats, and what will and will not work to create a cover from a 2D drawing or 3D model (preferred). 2D Drawings can get us close on symmetrical objects, but for complex objects it requires 3D models for us to accurately create your cover in a timely manner. Getting us the proper files we need can drastically reduce your time from concept-to-completion throughout the prototyping process.

ACCOUNT: You must log in to view the client or staff submission areas of this website. Click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT if you do not already have an account with the DAT website. It only takes a moment and we will approve you quickly and send you a confirmation email when your account is active.

SECURITY: We know that sharing design related information for your products can be scary, but we need accurate information in regard to the shape of your object to create you a great fitting cover, without needing multiple iterations to do so. Many of our customers that submit 3D files remove all internals from the model, as all we need is the outer shape that the cover will go over. All information and files are submitted via a 128 bit encrypted secure socket layer and are completely secure during their transfer to our team. They are not stored on our web server but transferred directly to the DAT teams internal server. Transhield will gladly fill out an NDA with your company upon your request; please submit your NDA to


Listed below are the main formats we work with. Most 3D CAD programs can export one of the following file formats. Contact us if your format is not listed or if you are having trouble exporting a listed format and we will see if and how we can convert it to a format we can use.

  • Solidworks – .sldprt
  • 3DS Max – .max, .3ds, .stp
  • StereoLithography – .stl  – Please turn off all dimensions when sending STL files
  • IGES – .igs, iges – Please turn off all dimensions when sending IGES files
  • Autodesk Inventor – .ipt
  • Wavefront – .obj
  • Sketchup – .skp


Proper Views: Front, Back, Both Sides, and Top

These views need to be direct views, not perspectives, as the drawing itself is used to implement into 3D and model your cover. If it is a completely symmetrical object from side to side, one side will work, but we prefer to have all sides to double check our work.

What Formats Work For Us: We work mainly in vector formats, which are legible and allow greater detail when scaling. Use No Compression on your export of these files.

  • Adobe Illustrator – .ai,
  • Corel Draw – .cdr
  • Adobe Acrobat – .pdf
  • AutoCAD – .dwg

Bitmap Files We Accept: We will accept bitmap drawings, but they must be a large enough size canvas for us to visibly see the dimensions and work with the drawing. Use No Compression on your export of these files. If they do not work for us we will let you know, which is why it is important to fill out your information on the submission form so we can easily and quickly get back to you with our questions.

  • Tiff  – .tif, .tiff
  • JPEG – .jpg, .jpeg
  • Bitmap – .bmp
  • GIF – .gif

What We Cannot Accept: Scans or photographs of printed drawings as we are unable to import these files and use them in the 3D environment. It is important to remember that all 2D files end up in a 3D realm and by submitting files that do not meet our requirements, you will extend the lead time for your cover design.