The Transhield Difference

Developing Your Solution

We believe that working with Transhield should be an easy and rewarding collaboration from start to finish. So we’ve developed a simple, modern protective process, which sets us apart from others.

1. Assess Customer Needs

The protection challenges you face are unique to your company. They require a tailored solution – not a one size fits all approach. Before we design, we communicate with you to fully understand your protection needs.

Assessing protective process fit

2. Design development (2D/3D rendering)

Complete protection of your asset is made possible by deliberate design. No guessing, you give us the dimensions, provide prints, or we come to professionally scan and measure the asset that needs protected. After that, our design team gets to work on designing the perfect custom-fit cover and sends it to you in a 2D or 3D format for approval.

Virtual display of our protective process and fit of Transhield covers

3. Creation of Prototype

Person sewing a high quality Transhield cover in our process.

Based on the approved design, a prototype cover is created.

Test cover process on boat

We send you the cover to test or come onsite to fit the cover.

Person making adjustments for the perfect Transhield cover fit.

We then adjust the cover, as needed, to provide the most secure fit possible.

Final cover in our protective process displayed on a boat.

Once appropriate revisions are made you sign off on the final cover design.

4. Mass Production

Now that you have the perfect cover, the next step is determining your quantity needs and building out a production schedule.

Volume is based on what you need and when you need it. Covers are produced and sent.

5. We Stay Connected

Two people working together on the Transhield protective process.

When you work with Transhield you are partnering with the leader in protective cover technology. We work with you to ensure that your current needs are met, and that your future needs have a solution.

Site visits can be arranged every 4-6 weeks or as needed.


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