Modular Shipping & Storage Covers

Custom-fit, heavy-duty covers for modular shipping and storage

Protect your products with our modular shipping and storage covers. Our custom-made, heavy-duty covers protect against environmental factors including corrosion, moisture, UV rays, dust, road grime, scratching, and more.


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Modular Building Institute
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Transhield modular heavy-duty covers keep the elements at bay

Supply chains often lead to product damage and high warranty costs. We’ve developed the most advanced, custom-fit covers with optional VCI additive to protect your modular products and pieces from environmental and handling hazards.

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Our portfolio of protective modular covers

Why Transhield Works

Advanced covers and technology to keep your modular products protected

Custom-fit solutions

Easy to install and shrinks to provide a snug fit. No matter what you’re shipping, we can cover it. Discover our protective process.

Easy to use

Proven protection from hazardous UV rays, rain, snow, sleet, dust, wind, and airborne pollutants.

Protective Soft interior

Non-abrasive composition that protects from the elements during transportation and storage without causing damage to the exterior of your products.

Vapor corrosion inhibitor

VCI bonds to the exterior suface and prevents chemical reactions that cause corrosion. Learn more about VCI technology.

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