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Protective Covers


When it comes to protecting heavy equipment—whether during transportation or storage—many companies rely on simple one-size-fits-all covers, tarps and shrink wrap. While these may keep out the rain and snow, such covers are rarely form-fitting, meaning they have gaps and even openings through which rodents, dust, water, and other damaging elements can enter.

Transhield has a history of revolutionizing covers, a revolution that continues to this day with customizable covers that include, flaps, ropes, buckles, hook and loop, and zippers. That’s right—zippers! Imagine a shrinkable cover that is reusable, that you can tighten up with perimeter ropes or webbing with a rachet closure, which gives you easy access to your equipment because you can zip and unzip the cover, or even simply close with a flap secured by hook and loop. Now that’s a functional, ergonomic, customized cover.

 More than Just a Cover

 Transhield covers have three layers—a soft inner layer to protect the surface of your equipment, a middle layer of hot-melt adhesive, and an outer layer of UV-resistant polyethylene film in a variety of colors—and can be customized in a variety of ways, making your covers durable, reusable, and flexible. Let’s zip on through a few of the awesome options available to you:

 ZIPPERS can provide easier access to your equipment and speeds up both installation and removal of the cover.

  • ROPES AND WEBBING WITH RATCHETS along the base of the cover ensures a tighter, more secure fit during transportation.
  • HOOK AND LOOP FLAPS allow you easy access to important parts of your equipment even as the equipment remains covered.

 With these options, you can have exactly the cover you want for your precise piece of equipment.

To truly protect your equipment during storage or transport, you need something that is tailored to fit the unique dimensions of your asset. Loose tarps can rip or fly off and shrink wrap can prevent you from reaching your equipment without added accessories. For the best protection possible you need a custom-fit cover reinforced at all wear points, with access points and customizations developed according to your needs That’s where Transhield’s Protective Process comes in.

 Thoughtful Design Makes a Difference

Transhield’s customized protective covers are a result of 25 years of experience and customer feedback. To get your customized covers, you will get personal visits and in-depth industry analysis to determine what you need to cover and the environments the cover will need to endure. Through our TranSCAN® technology we can even produce a 3D rendering that will show you what the cover will look like on your equipment. You can choose zippers, flaps, or anything else you may want for your cover! Once you have the cover that best suits your equipment, you can sit back and relax knowing your asset is protected on its way to your customer.  

 To learn more about how Transhield covers can protect your equipment, click here.

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