Keeping You Covered: Military Covers Effective for Longer Equipment Life

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You cannot drive just anything on the dangerous roads of Iraq and Afghanistan—and the cost of military personnel transportation is hardly inexpensive. While the Humvee, the military’s former workhorse, was $70,000, the modified, “up-armored,” version costs from $160,000 to $220,000. And since “This modern Up-Armored HMMWV (UAH), however, still does not fully meet the evolving mobility or protection requirements of our soldiers,” according to a report, released by the Army, we can only expect the cost of such vehicles to increase.

The military invests in each vehicle with the assumption that it will last 20 years. It is expected that they will be well-maintained throughout that period, and covering them should be a part of that maintenance routine.

Because military vehicles are expensive and federal budgets are contracting, it is essential to protect equipment to help ensure they have a longer use. And protecting them means more than just protecting exterior paint, engines and axles; today’s military vehicles come with command and control equipment, computers, and a variety of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance equipment, which all need protection. These are all part of the approximately $70 billion the military has invested in in their wheeled vehicles.

Rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun, dirt, dust, sand—the military must endure every element, and that means their vehicles must be safe from over exposure. These and other airborne pollutants cause equipment to degrade over time through moisture and corrosion—and get dirty, meaning many more man-hours spend cleaning and polishing.

Transhield’s advanced cover technology not only reduces the number of hours spent cleaning, but also provides corrosion protection to maximize the life of the equipment asset. Transhield military covers prevent up to 95% of corrosion. Our patented VCI technology works within the body of the cover by emitting VCI in vapor form and bonding to the equipment’s metal surface, thereby disrupting the electro-chemical reaction that causes corrosion. The covers also prevent water intrusion which reduces the probability of expensive command and control equipment becoming damaged.

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