Transhield XT Heavy-Duty Covers

Made to withstand extreme environments from intense heat and humidity to bitter cold and snow, Transhield heavy-duty anti-corrosion custom-fit covers made with XT material will protect your equipment in all weather conditions. The smooth exterior sheds water and snow. The soft interior contains a patented vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) technology that emits VCI in vapor form, creating a protective vapor barrier that inhibits corrosion. All XT covers for military equipment excel in day-to-day on/off use and are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Ease of Use

Our technology simplifies protection—1-2 people can install most Transhield covers with ease, reducing labor costs.

Saves Time

Streamlines protection, reducing maintenance hours and helping overcome packaging bottlenecks, saving time and money.

Water Resistant

Water-resistant fabric keeps interiors dry, significantly reducing the risk of corrosion caused by water damage.

Soft Interior

Protects Class A surfaces with a soft nonwoven layer that prevents scratches and absorbs moisture.

UV Protection

Reduces UV damage, protecting rubber components, slowing paint wear, and preventing glass delamination.


Nonwoven layer absorbs moisture which is then pulled toward the outside of the cover, preventing condensation buildup that can lead to corrosion, mold, and mildew growth under the cover.

Protects from Environmental Degradation

Durable against UV, rain, snow, dust, wind, and pollutants, reducing cleaning time.

Customizable Features

Can incorporate vents, zipper doors, and more, to enhance cover ergonomics and accessibility.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)

Patented VCI technology forms a protective barrier on metal, inhibiting corrosion by 85%-95%.

Custom-Design & Fit

Our covers are meticulously designed to fit any equipment, regardless of shape or size, providing optimal protection while ensuring reinforcement at wear points and the addition of cover accessories to increase ergonomics and functionality.

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Transhield XT Heavy Duty Covers Protective Covers are Ideal for:
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General Characteristics
Characteristics Property Test Method
Water Resistant Yes -
Breathable - Water Vapor Transmis... 5 ASTM F1249
VCI Formulation Multi-Metal -
Weight (lbs/sqyd) 0.75 ASTM D1505
Thickness (mils) 45 ASTM D1777
Tensile Strength (psi) MD 3000 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Tensile Strength (psi) CD 2000 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Puncture (lbs) 85 ASTM D4833
Tear Strength (Notched Elmendorf) (lbs) MD 17 ASTM D1922
Tear Strength (Notched Elmendorf) (lbs) CD 33 ASTM D1922
Yield Strength (psi) MD 3000 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Yield Strength (psi) CD 2000 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Load Bearing (lbs/in) MD 140 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Load Bearing (lbs/in) CD 100 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Break Elongation % MD 70 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Break Elongation % CD 70 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Ultraviolet Blockage >99% ASTM D1003
Gloss - 60° Angle < 50 ASTM D523 / ASTM D2263
Oil and Hydraulic Fluid Resistance Repels Common Oils -
Expected Lifespan 2 to 4 years -
Available Colors tan, green, white -

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