Commercial & Industrial Equipment Covers

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Single watercraft & accessory covers available for purchase on Amazon.

  • Deck Boats
  • Wake Tower Boats
  • V-Hull
  • Pontoons
  • Boat Accessories
  • Universal-Use Covers
  • And More!

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RV Covers

Manufacturers & transporters

  • RVs – large and small
  • all recreational vehicles

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Railcar & Locomotive Covers

Nothing is too large or detailed for a Transhield cover. We cover:

  • trains
  • railcars
  • locomotives

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Marine & Watercraft Covers

The ultimate protection during transportation and storage. We cover:

  • watercraft
  • boats
  • personal watercraft (jet ski)

For individual boat covers for personal use,

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Modular Covers

Protect your modular products and pieces from environmental and handling hazards. We cover:

  • machinery
  • prefabricated materials
  • modular

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Military Covers

Highly specialized covers for all branches of military & security. We cover:

  • ground forces
  • navy
  • signal blocking technologies
  • US and international

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Machinery & Equipment Covers

Protect machinery and equipment from costly and unpredictable environmental hazards. We cover:

  • equipment & machinery
  • construction materials & equipment
  • transportation, delivery & storage

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HVAC Covers

Customized to fit the unique shape of your equipment for complete protection.
We offer:

  • storage & transportation protection
  • zippered & vented options for in-use

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Energy & Utility Covers

From wind power components to electric generators, Transhield covers protect it all.
We cover:

  • wind turbines
  • solar panels
  • generators
  • communication tower equipment
  • electrical equipment

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Data Center Equipment

Protect your mission critical equipment, products, and pieces from environmental and handling hazards. We cover: 

  • mission critical machinery 
  • modular data centers 
  • servers 

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Concrete Curing Covers

Reduce the rate of evaporation and retain moisture for greater top-layer strength.
We cover:

  • large commercial construction
  • multi-use retail construction
  • super flat flooring

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Aircraft & Aviation Covers

Protection during storage that doesn’t require daily man-hours to maintain. We cover:

  • aviation equipment
  • aircrafts
  • aircraft parts, large & small

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Customized Coverage. Premier Protection.

Every cover we make is designed with cutting-edge protective, anti-corrosion technology to ensure whatever you’re covering stays protected from everything nature has in store.

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