Why should I cover something that’s going to be outside anyway?

Natures elements — moisture, debris, salt, dust/dirt, and UV rays will eventually deteriorate your equipment assets. The deterioration comes in the form of rust, surface delamination, paint chips, etc. Equipment degradation speeds up the depreciation of your equipment assets, causing cosmetic damage and sometimes functional damage. Having a protective cover on your equipment is a proactive measure that extends the life of your assets.

Are the marine covers reusable?

Yes and no. They are reusable as a storage cover but bear in mind the cover will be tighter to put on the second time around due shrinkage. It is highly recommended that you shrink the cover when used for storage.

The cover IS NOT a daily on/off cover. It should not be used as a mooring cover. It is not designed for such use and will not perform like a mooring cover.

How/what makes Transhield reusable?

Transhield is a laminated material composed of three separate layers; a polyethylene layer on the outside (like shrink wrap), a hot-melt adhesive in the middle, and a soft non-woven on the inner, underside layer. These three layers combined give the Transhield Shrinkable Fabric® structure and durable toughness versus shrink wrap – making it less likely to rip after heat shrinking and multiple uses. And the nonwoven inner layer provides a soft surface against valuable painted surfaces.

I need to buy a cover for my boat. Can I get those from you?

We cannot sell individual boat covers directly from Transhield. You can buy individual boat covers online through one of our authorized distributors. Just complete the Request a Quote form and we will connect you to the nearest distributor. Should you have any questions about fit or application, please feel free to call us at 888-731-7700. Or visit our YouTube page for basic covering methods.

Do you have the covers to go over a wake tower?

Yes.  There are two kinds.  The standard V bow of a boat type and the type with two tips.  The two tips are often referred to as  “forked nose” or Pickle Fork Nose.

To measure, use a tape measure at the bow and run all the way back to the platform to get the proper measurement. If the end measurement falls close, go with the larger model. Measure to the end of the swim platform if you have one. You can see how it’s done by watching our YouTube video series, “How to measure your boat.”

Do I have to shrink the boat cover?

FOR STORAGE: Our covers are designed for use during transportation and storage. If you are using the cover for storage only, it is recommended that you shrink the cover; however, it is not mandatory. Just be sure that you tie down the cover to make sure it does not blow away or gather too much snow or water. Because the cover is not shrunk, it will collect water in depression areas. It is best to use a center pole to avoid the possibility of pooling water in the center of the boat. Shrinking the cover provides strength to the material and resists water and snow build up.

FOR TRANSPORTING: It is highly recommended that you shrink the cover prior to transporting your boat long distances to avoid potential fly-offs or any movement of the cover. Remember that movement equals etching. Transhield’s soft interior prevents most scratching and etching, but if there is a great deal of movement with the cover, there is a higher percentage of some surface etching.

What is the shelf life of Transhield tape?

Under normal dry conditions, our tape has a shelf life of 5 years. The tape should not be exposed to excessive temperature as the adhesive may run.

Will VCI remove rust?

No. VCI is not a chemical that eradicates rust. Rather, it is an inhibitor that will reduce the formation of rust by as much as 85-95%.

What is the difference between shrink wrap and Shrinkable Fabric®?

Shrink wrap is a film, of varying weight, that comes in rolls and can be applied to any large or small item that needs protection. When using a high-powered heat tool, the film shrinks and conforms to the object.

Transhield Shrinkable Fabric® is a film and a nonwoven in one fabric. The outer layer is a film that shrinks just like shrink wrap. The difference is on the inside. Shrinkable Fabric has an inner layer of soft nonwoven material that does not scratch or otherwise damage the surface of whatever it is covering. The nonwoven material is engineered to pull moisture from inside the cover and transfer it to the outside of the cover. This is the patented technology that set Transhield apart from shrink wrap.  Like shrink wrap, a high-powered heat tool is required to shrink the material.

Will any universal cover fit a T-top or cabin cruiser?

Our universal covers are designed to fit most pontoons, v-hulls, and runabouts but aren’t designed to accommodate the height a T-top or cabin cruiser would require.  Therefore, we do not recommend using them if you have such a model.

Do I need to vent the cover like I do for shrink wrap?

No, you do not need to vent a Transhield cover.  Moisture under the cover is pulled toward the outside of the cover via the capillary and moisture surface tension properties of the material technology. Moisture is removed and relative humidity is reduced rendering a vent unnecessary.