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RVs are built for the outdoors, but transporting them without proper protection can damage them before they even hit the showroom floor. Proper protection will ensure your product arrives at the dealer in the same condition it left your production facility. Transhield specializes in designing covers that will protect your product during transportation. We manufacture our own material, thus allowing you to customize the color of the cover or even imprint your logo within the material. This presents the perfect opportunity to brand your material from every angle while transporting down the road.


RV & motorhome covers in action on a white RV
Why choose Transhield RV covers

Transhield covers are designed to fit the curve of your product and shrink to an aesthetically pleasing, aerodynamic fit. The exterior polyethylene film is waterproof, yet allows moisture to escape preventing condensation on your product. If rust is an issue, vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI) can be added to the interior lining to prevent corrosion. The interior lining is a soft, microfiber-like polyester material that does not retain water, but rather wicks it away from the interior and releases it to the exterior.

Uncover the Technology
Why Transhield Works

Advanced fabrics to protect your recreational equipment


Prevents water intrusion.


Prevents condensation under the cover.


Shrinks up to 20% creating an aerodynamic fit.

Protects from environmental hazards

Prevents surface etching, scratching, and chipping caused by rocks, dirt, dust, sand, etc.

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