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Our high-tech, anti-corrosion, custom-fit military equipment & vehicle covers reduce corrosion by 85% – 95%, providing superior protection for U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, and U.S. National Guard equipment.

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Green military vehicle cover in use.
Customized, protective military applications

Awarded over 230 National Stock Numbers, our advanced cover technology reduces cleaning time and provides corrosion protection to maximize the life of U.S. Military equipment assets. Our patented VCI technology works within the body of the cover to disrupting the electro-chemical reactions that cause corrosion.

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Custom-fit Military Covers

Why Transhield Works

Advanced materials and technology to keep military equipment protected

Custom Fit

Our design process ensures a custom fit cover that is reinforced at all wear points. Access points are developed with customer desires. And the soft inside service aids in ease of installation and protects expensive paint surfaces.

UV Protection

Outer layer is a durable UV resistant polyethylene film.


Prevents water and other airborne particles such as dust, dirt, and salts from penetrating.


Polyurethane outer layer allows water vapor to evaporate instead of penetrating through to equipment.

Inhibits corrosion by 85% - 95%

Patented VCI technology works to disrupt the electro-chemical reactions that cause corrosion.

Easy to install and remove

Lightweight material that does not retain water, keeping it easy to apply and remove from equipment.

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