TranSCAN® captures object in 3D to provide a perfect cover fit



industrial-scan.png3D modeling has had a major impact on the economy since its inception. From 3D PET scans to visually mapped building plans and roadway designs, this ever-improving technology has proven to be a key factor in the advancement of medicine, construction, and many other industries.

So we asked ourselves, why can’t we apply this same technology to our work at Transhield? Our engineers are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve our transportation cover materials and installation process. Incorporating 3D modeling technology has offered one more way to improve our product.

High-volume manufacturers are increasingly requesting more complex transport covers with features such as multiple access points and windows that must be able to withstand increased shipping distances. At Transhield, we have developed our own patented anti-corrosion material to create customized transportation covers in mass quantities that protect assets from harsh environments better than any of our competitors. Now, thanks to our latest TranSCAN® technology, our covers provide the most accurate fit, too.

Transhield covers are handmade and usually patterned by hand as well. Hand patterning is effective, but sometimes either extremely large or complex items require the 3D modeling capabilities of TranSCAN. TranSCAN creates a virtual 3D image from which we can create a virtual cover. The imaging process can be done on site. It is fast and non-intrusive, capturing only the data we need to create our covers. From there, the virtual covers are flattened to a 2D format for patterning and plotting. The entire order is then crafted from our proprietary, super durable fabric that, in some cases, shrinks to create a snug and stable fit.

Eliminating the need for hand measurements and applying a fit-for-purpose software, TranSCAN greatly reduces the time required to design a transportation cover. This ability to create custom protective covers in massive quantities is unique. Along with this improvement in time efficiency is an increase in measurement accuracy to within a fraction of a millimeter, resulting in prototypes that fit the first time. Furthermore, with a 3D virtual image, we can perform airflow simulations that accurately model transportation conditions to design a cover that minimizes billowing.

High volume manufacturers and companies with large outdoor inventories are coming to us with more complex needs. With our  TranSCAN technology, we are able to meet those requirements and protect even the largest and most uniquely shaped items during transportation and storage.

Our aim is total accuracy. If a fleet is too complex to use 2D prints, we will schedule a TranSCAN session on location to capture objects in 3D. The TranSCAN process is quick, non-intrusive, and provides all the data we need to create a large volume of custom protective covers and transportation covers. Our streamlined process of data acquisition with TranSCAN, modeling, design, and delivery ensures that from concept to completion, your fleet will have the most durable, custom fit covers on the market.

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Matt joined Transhield in 1995 and has led the sales efforts to be what they are today - a nationwide presence in virtually every major industry. He is heavily involved in the design of new products as well as day-to-day operations. While he's been involved in sales across most market segments, he spends most of his time in the marine industry. He is the vice president of the Marine Leadership Alliance and a board member of the NMMA Marine and Component Division.

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