Five Reasons Transhield Protective Covers Will Revolutionize Your Storage Plan

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It’s incredible how much of an impact corrosion has on a country’s infrastructure, regardless of climate. Everywhere from deserts to the tropics, corrosion results in poor performance and dangerous conditions, necessitating repair and even replacement of equipment and materials. Worldwide, the costs associated with corrosion are astronomical. In the United States alone, the cost is around $276 billion per year.

 Both public and private sector organizations have realized this problem needs a solution, and at Transhield, we are proud to provide exactly that. With seven varieties of fabric, we are able to create anti-corrosion storage covers for any industry. No matter the obstacles, we have a way to keep your equipment in pristine shape. Here are our top five reasons why Transhield should be the place you turn to fight corrosion.

  1. Protection from the elements

Nature can do a serious amount of damage to vehicles and equipment. With our protective covers, you can save time and money by cutting down on the amount of maintenance needed. Our covers come with vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs), which is a key component for reducing corrosion by up to 95%. While the VCIs invented by the Shell Oil Company for protecting military equipment back in 1949 used harmful chemicals, our covers are made with 100% green technology to keep your equipment safe without hurting the environment.

  1. Transportation ready

There are a lot of things that can go wrong during transportation and storage. Luckily, our patented Shrinkable Fabric® is ready for anything. It is lightweight, water-resistant and incredibly durable, while still being breathable enough to prevent any buildup. The custom-fit covers even have a soft interior to prevent scratching.

  1. Removes moisture

Moisture underneath covers can cause mold and mildew, but our custom engineered technology has allowed us to create a polyethylene film, which creates a protective barrier on the outside while interior polyester pads remove moisture from the inside. No matter what size or shape we are working with, our covers ensure moisture is no longer an issue.

  1. Saves time

One of the biggest time wasters for a company is the cleaning that is required after removing standard tarp covers. By developing patented technology, we are constantly able to improve our covers to deal with any and all situations that arise. Regardless of the level of corrosion, dust, road grime and even rodents that you may have dealt with before, Transhield has found ways to keep your equipment protected and ready to use, dramatically reducing the time you used to waste cleaning.

  1. Fits great, looks great

Our Shrinkable Fabric has an outer layer that shrinks just like shrink wrap while the inner layer is soft, nonwoven material that leaves no marks on the equipment. From locomotives to wind blades, there is nothing too large for our covers, and we work hard to make sure that we develop a custom fit that is efficient and keeps your equipment looking as good as ever.

There are plenty of reasons Transhield is an industry leader, but these are certainly some of our favorites. Our protective covers are used in many fields to keep valuable fleet assets protected from the elements. To find out how we can help you, visit us at transhield-usa.com today!

Shrinkable Fabric® is a registered trademark of Transhield, Inc.

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