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Taking Pride in our Corporate Culture

Transhield and its corporate culture. Team effort, realization of goals, supporting customers and each other.

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Packaging. What does it say about your product?

Packaging is not just for the holidays. It's also for heavy machinery, automobiles, boats and other expensive items.

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Embracing Change to Succeed: Our Custom Equipment Covers

Secured patents for the technology behind our designs has allowed our customer equipment covers to change and meet our customer's needs.

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Five Reasons Transhield Protective Covers Will Revolutionize Your Storage Plan

Transhield protective covers reduce corrosion, remove moisture, protect from the elements and our covers also come with VCIs.

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Transhield Military Covers

Transhield military covers protect weapon systems and topside equipment from the elements, and have been awarded 182 NSNs.

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Maximum Protection Against Mother Nature

Transhield's custom covers protect military assets from the worst of mother nature.

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July Fourth—Why All the Fireworks?

We are proud to partner with United States Military and provide them protective covers for their equipment. We wish all a Happy 4th of July!

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Protective Cover Testing

To ensure the highest level of quality and durability, we conduct 19 rigorous tests on protective covers.

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To Cover Is Human: To Cover Expertly Is Divine

We cover what we love most, from people to equipment. Protective covers guard against corrosion and the elements.

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