Prefabrication and Modular Building: The Future of Industrialized Construction

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As the construction industry continues to evolve, prefabrication and modular building have emerged as the future of industrialized construction. This construction style has become increasingly popular over the past decade, especially for projects requiring data centers, mission-critical facilities, and other structures that must be built quickly, efficiently, and precisely.

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What Is Modular Building?

Structural prefabrication and modular building approaches involve assembling prefabricated parts offsite and transporting them to the construction site for assembly.

What Are the Benefits of Modular Building?

This approach has several benefits, including flexibility, reduced construction time, and lower costs. Additionally, modular building enables projects to be completed in harsh weather conditions or other challenging environments, reducing the impact of these conditions on the construction process.

What Are the Benefits of Structural Prefabrication?

This approach significantly reduces construction time, cuts project costs, minimizes waste, and decreases the risk of errors during the construction process. Since prefabricated materials are manufactured in controlled environments, high quality and consistency in production is ensured.

Protecting Prefabricated Materials

While prefabricated materials, modular building, and offsite construction can streamline your process, you must also worry about protecting these materials along the way.

Since so much of the material relies on safe transportation, advanced cover solutions are critical in guaranteeing your materials stay protected from the elements during transport.

Proven Protection for Anything Moving Down the Road

For nearly 30 years, Transhield has protected high valued assets from boats to heavy industrial equipment to volumetric construction units including homes. We help solve the challenges of preparing units for transportation and short- or long-term storage.

Failing to protect newly manufactured modules adequately can lead to damaged products, warranty claims, and dissatisfied customers. At Transhield, we are experts at working within the modular building industry. Throughout the years, we have gained a wealth of experience in protecting this type of equipment from the beginning to the end of your construction process.

Looking to discover the best practices we’ve learned along the way? Read more here.

A Look at Our Products

Transhield’s priority is to keep your modular units “factory fresh.” Our covers protect against environmental factors, including corrosion, moisture, UV rays, dust, road grime, abrasion, and more.


Storage and transport can lead to damage and high liability costs. We’ve developed the most advanced, custom-fit fabric covers with an optional vapor corrosion inhibitor additive to protect your modular products and pieces from environmental and handling hazards.

Our advanced fabrics and technology keep your modular products protected:

Custom-Fit Solutions

Easy to Use

  • Proven protection from hazardous UV rays, rain, snow, sleet, dust, wind, and airborne pollutants.

Protective Soft Interior

  • Non-abrasive composition that protects from the elements during transportation and storage without causing damage to the exterior of your products.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

  • VCI bonds to the exterior surface and prevents chemical reactions that cause corrosion.

Looking for some tips on what else you can do to protect your materials during transport? Here are 5 Easy Steps to Prepare Modular Units for Flatbed Shipping.

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Providing protective covering for prefabricated materials is usually the last step of the manufacturing process. Ensuring you have the best cover solutions for your materials during transport is critical.

To keep your equipment in superior shape, trust a leader. Transhield is committed to helping you protect your equipment from the elements at every step of the way.

Contact us to learn more.

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