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Customizing covers for CNC manufacturers

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CNC manufacturers create precise machinery that’s engineered to perform a variety of automated tasks. These machines are manufactured with technical expertise and are often very large in size depending on their end use. With so much effort and specificity going into making these incredible machines, CNC manufacturers want to provide the best protection possible for their newly manufactured products when they are shipped from the factory. However, protecting these expensive machines isn’t always easy.

Two emplyoyees covering a machine with a Transhield cover

With over 25 years of protective packaging experience, Transhield has helped numerous CNC manufacturers optimize their packaging processes to get the best results when shipping and storing their machines. Here are some of the packaging customizations we implement that help CNC manufacturers deliver a pristine product:

Durable, Lightweight Material

Many manufacturers use a thin shrink wrap or cover when protecting their machinery. However, due to the nature of the environment in which many of these machines are packaged (on a hectic warehouse floor) and how they are packaged (with many inputs like boxes and other components needing to be sent with them) these thin packaging solutions are likely to rip and tear when being installed and during transportation.

To mitigate this, Transhield recommends our 10 mil. fabric to all our CNC manufacturing clients. The 10 mil. fabric is like shrink wrap in outward appearance, but is much more durable, especially when formed into a custom cover that perfectly fits the equipment.

Full Enclosed Covers

To fully protect these machines from the elements, we design our covers to fully encapsulate the units. We do this through a “clamshell” design where the cover is spread out on a pallet or dunnage. The unit is placed on top of the cover, secured down to the pallet, and then closed through a zipper connection in the middle.

Non-Abrasive Interior Material

CNC machines often have painted and polished metal surfaces that are susceptible to etching and scratching from abrasive packaging such as shrink wrap and some canvas covers. To prevent the scratching of these surfaces, we increased the non-woven material on the underside of our 10 mil. fabric to provide an even softer touch to the surfaces of these machines.

The non-woven material is proven to protect Class A automotive finishes and is tested using a modified ASTM D-2486 testing method.

Corrosion Prevention with our Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Additive

Because these CNC machines have so many intricate metal parts, they are very susceptible to rust and corrosion. This risk of corrosion is only increased when the machines are left outside awaiting shipment or left outside once delivered. And the risk of corrosion increases even more when the machines are shipped internationally on cargo ships. To stop these new machines from corroding, Transhield adds our patented VCI to our 10 mil. fabric. With the VCI additive, the risk of corrosion is reduced by up to 85%-95%.

The precision and specificity of CNC machines require methods of protection that are just as precise and specific. Anything less means risking not only the appearance of these machines but also their intricate functionalities. But not all machines are the same, making the ability to customize their protective covers imperative to maintaining their quality for end use.

Transhield can help protect the quality and integrity of your CNC machines, explore our design process today or contact us here to find out how we can protect your machinery with our high-quality covers.

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