Transhield’s Custom Covers vs. Shrink Wrap

Protective Covers


Shrink wrap isn’t always enough to protect your equipment and reduce loss of investment. Often fragile and prone to punctures, rips, and tears, shrink wrap is a single-use, “one-size-fits-all” solution that may not deliver the comprehensive protection your valuable equipment requires.  

Shrink film is more likely to transfer the heat from the shrinking operation onto the product being protected. The film is also prone to condensation buildup on the inner surface and may cause damage to moisture-sensitive equipment and parts, causing corrosion or mold-related damage. 

Transhield’s covers are more robust and durable than shrink wrap. The outer layer blocks heat transfer from the shrinking operation, while the soft, textile inner layer prevents condensation build-up. 

Check out this video demonstrating a heat-test comparison between Transhield covers and shrink wrap.

Why Do Transhield’s Custom-Fit Covers Perform Better than Shrink Wrap?

The fit, function, and financial performance of your packaging can be improved by using Transhield’s covers. Unlike hand-shaped, folded, and taped-on-site shrink wrap, our covers are designed specifically for your packaging operation and equipment.  

Our custom-fit design process ensures our covers fit your products perfectly. Shrink wrap can be poorly fitted, depending on the skill of the installer, potentially leaving your equipment vulnerable to the elements. The time used for cutting, folding, and the amount of tape used varies with the installer, and makes it difficult to calculate the true cost of packaging per unit. Case studies with our customers have shown improved unit outputs vs. shrink film and other non-custom packaging solutions.  

Easy to Install and Access Units

Transhield’s fitted covers can provide partial or full access to your product after installation and can be re-applied. Depending on the customer’s requirements zippers, pockets, and flaps can be included to provide various access points.  

Shrink wrap is single-use and comes in large, unwieldy rolls, requiring a skilled laborer and added accessories to install, often leading to an inconvenient and inconsistent installation process. Future access and removal of shrink-wrap may not be user-friendly depending on the application. 

Reliable Protection

Trusted by major OEMs such as boat builders, energy and utility equipment manufacturers, and the U.S. armed forces; Transhield is proud to offer specialized equipment covers and solutions to meet your unique protection needs.

Check out how Transhield beats the competition in more videos.

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