The Science Behind Transhield’s UV-Resistant Shrinkable Fabric® Covers

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UV rays can wreak havoc on equipment protection solutions, compromising their form and function. When it comes to custom protective covers that can withstand UV degradation, Transhield’s shrinkable fabric covers offer a science-backed solution.

Transhield testing and results pamphlets and infographs, specifically related to UV degradation.

Explore Transhield’s Cutting-Edge UV Protection Technology

Designed to withstand harsh UV rays and other environmental factors, our products remain durable in even the most extreme temperatures. In our latest whitepaper, we dive deep into the science behind Transhield’s shrinkable fabric covers.

Did You Know?

UV rays make up just 5% of sunlight yet are the main cause of exposure damage. UV rays can quickly deteriorate the visual and mechanical properties of your equipment covers, leading to inadequate protection for your assets.

Experience the Transhield Difference

After 3,000 hours of UV exposure, post-shrink samples of Transhield shrinkable covering retained 95% of their load-bearing strength, 80% of their ultimate strength, and 88% of their breaking force.

Learn More in Our White Paper 

Whether it’s high-value industrial equipment, modular construction units, or wind energy equipment, Transhield takes pride in engineering and manufacturing top-quality protection solutions.

Read our comprehensive whitepaper to learn more about the science behind Transhield’s shrinkable covers and make an informed decision to protect your investments.

Click here to access the whitepaper and discover the ultimate protection solution for your assets.

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