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It’s sometimes hard to imagine everything a vehicle must go through to make it from the factory floor to the dealership. Dealers order specific vehicles from each production plant, and the correct vehicles must be properly routed through multiple channels for a timely and damage-free delivery. At the very least, vehicles will have to be transported by truck, probably by train as well, and perhaps even by ship. This puts vehicles at risk for damage due to outdoor elements and road hazards such as rocks, salt, dirt, and bugs.

To avoid harm to vehicles, it is common practice to cover them to protect their exterior from becoming dirty, dented, or scratched. These protective coverings have been applied since the early 1990’s as protection against acid rain. While covering is better than doing nothing, it is also important that the cover itself does not cause damage. Shrink film alone can leave etch marks and oils that must be cleaned at the dealer level. In addition, it does not always protect against flying rock chips or other road debris. 

The cost of a damaged vehicle during transport can be devastating. With so many factors at play during a vehicle’s passage, it is important to take as many precautions as possible to avoid damage and the costs that result.

Transhield creates customized solutions to protect vehicles from harm. We have developed a shrinkable fabric that is lightweight, durable, breathable, and water-resistant to protect during transportation and storage. Using polyethylene shrink film on an exterior provides a protective barrier against outside elements while the soft polyester interior pads the surface and removes moisture, using Transhield’s patented technology.

Transhield covers are custom-designed, easy to install and offer various options based on your need. A team of two can cover and shrink a car in less than three minutes. Zipper doors, exhaust cutouts, and clear panel windows allow drivability for loading and unloading. And because they are made to withstand harsh elements and endure long transportation journeys, they save preparation time and, in the end, warranty claim dollars at the dealer level.

To learn more about how Transhield can protect your manufactured vehicles during transportation, visit us online today!

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