Outstanding Customer Service is the Number One Reason Customers Choose Transhield

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According to Yahoo Small Business, 30-40% of B2B customers offer referrals, but only if their experience was a pleasant one. Potential customers look to their peers for input on upcoming major purchases, taking their advice very seriously. That makes referrals a great way to educate prospective customers and route them your way. If the experience with your company is a positive one, that prospective buyer will become more than just a satisfied customer, but a repeat buyer who then refers you to others. At Transhield, we are very proud to say that our sales and customer service is the top reason customers not only choose us, but choose to refer us.

To make different customers happy, a business can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. You must treat customers in an attentive, yet personalized way, which means you may have to re-strategize your approach from customer to customer. With B2B clients, excellent customer service is exceedingly essential as they typically invest a lot of time and money in researching products. Therefore, their expectations are much higher than if they’d just bought something online or at their local big box retailer.

Taking customer service very seriously, Transhield is committed to exceeding expectations with each and every interaction. The top three reasons customers choose Transhield are:

  1. Customer Service (overwhelmingly #1)
  2. Durable, quality product (mentioned immediately after Customer Service)
  3. Responsive, solution-focused company

Curious about what keeps our customers coming back, we interviewed buyers that have worked with Transhield for a variety of time periods, ranging from just a few months to several years, and some for over a decade. These conversations revealed an amazingly positive overall impression — our customers consider Transhield to be a quality organization with knowledgeable, friendly, people who are willing to go above and beyond.

The number one response that stands out in our customer’s comments? Again, customer service! Here is a sample of some of the feedback we received:

“After the buy, the business relationship is very good.”

 “Very personable.”

 “They involve the customer in the process.”

 “Rep is in constant contact, available at all times. Able to provide equipment as needed.”


 “Good to deal with. Customer service is always nice. Close to sales. Feel like family. Professional relationship, but        they are just like us.”

 “Very good quality, quick to respond.”

Transhield was founded in Elkhart, Indiana over twenty years ago to service the automotive and RV industry. Today, Transhield protects the marine, industrial, wind energy, aviation, and military markets and has grown, offering seven varieties of fabric for use in any industry. Our patented anti-corrosion technology is widely used in the fabrics we make, both shrinkable and non-shrinkable, to keep valuable assets protected from the harsh elements that cause corrosion and degradation.

 To learn more about our products and how you can experience our outstanding customer service for yourself, visit Transhield-usa.com today.

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Mindy directs, manages, and implements the marketing strategy of Transhield through a variety of methods and channels. In addition to leading Transhield’s marketing efforts, Mindy is the lead sales specialist for TopCure – Transhield's newest product; a concrete curing cover designed with safety in mind. Mindy is a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, the American Concrete Institute, and the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

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