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Designing the Perfect Cover

Our approach to designing custom-fit covers hinges on collaboration and attention to detail. Our simple, modern development process allows us to cater the design of each cover to the specification of your vehicle, equipment, asset, etc.  

Assessing your Needs

Protection needs are particular to you and your equipment, so they require a tailored solution rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. How will the equipment be shipped and stored? What environments will it be used in? These are the some of the questions we ask at the beginning of our process, so we have a clear understanding of your needs.  

2D & 3D rendering 

The old plastic patterning process is a thing of the past. Our Data Acquisitions and Technology team has developed a 3D design process that creates cover designs based on a 3D point cloud scan of your equipment. The scanning process takes about 20 minutes, and the 2D or 3D model produced from the scan allows us to design custom-fit cover solutions that we then send to you for approval. 


Once the cover design has met your approval, we get to work creating a prototype that we send to you to test, or test onsite to ensure the fit is accurate. After making any necessary adjustments and the final cover design is approved, the next step is determining quantity needs and arranging a production schedule. 

Using the right materials 

Just as important as achieving the perfect fit is the choice of materials and technology used in manufacturing of our cover solutions. We’ve designed our materials to have unique protection capabilities that stand strong against physical and environmental risks. 

Three layers of protection 

Our covers are designed with three unique layers that all provide qualities essential for the ultimate protection. The outer layer is a durable, UV-resistant, polyethylene film that is available in multiple colors. The middle layer is a hot melt adhesive, containing no solvents, with an optional patented process of Vapor Corrosions Inhibitor (VCI) delivery to fight corrosion. The inner layer is a soft, nonwoven material to guard against surface etching and scratching. 

Benefits of our advanced design process 

Even with our personalized approach and acute attention to detail in the design process, the most important thing is the end result and the benefits you get from using our protective cover solutions. The capabilities packed into each cover we design prove that you’re getting more than meets the eye:

  • Waterproof: Moisture, rain, snow, and sleet are unable to penetrate the cover, with proven results in all climates. 
  • Breathable: Anti-condensing technology allows moisture to be pulled toward the outside of the cover via the capillary and moisture surface tension properties of the cover, removing moisture and reducing relative humidity. 
  • VCI: Effective on multiple metals, VCI reduces corrosion by up to 95%. The majority of VCI is emitted inward toward the protected equipment, and contain no nitrites, nitrates, or hazardous material.
  • Lightweight: Typically less than 1.4lbs per square yard, even the largest covers can usually be installed by one person. When in extremely wet environments, covers do not retain large amounts of moisture or become waterlogged, reducing the difficulty in handling.  
  • Protection from environmental degradation: Each cover protects against even the harshest of environmental factors such as UV rays, rain, snow, sleet, dust, wind, debris, and airborne pollutants. 
  • Durable and reusable: Each cover has a service life of 2-4 years, even in the harshest environments. Transhield XT and ArmorDillo can be installed and removed on a daily basis so you’re getting the most use possible.  

Our commitment to providing the best protective cover solutions in the industry has inspired us to discover and incorporate the most advanced approaches in the industry. Each part of our process is integral to the final product, and we continuously strive to be up to date on the latest developments in technology and materials to ensure our solutions exceed your expectations.  


To discover more about our process and latest technology, visit our Technologies page or contact us today. 

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