TopCure by Transhield: Changing the Face of Concrete

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In various forms, concrete has been in use since the Bedouin traders of 6500 BC. The word concrete itself comes from the Latin word “concrescere”, which can be translated per syllable as “con” (together) and “crescere” (to grow).

 Concrete is a composite material composed of three basic components—cement, water, and aggregate—that when mixed together, produce a slurry which can be poured into a shape. Once poured, the concrete doesn’t harden. Instead, via a chemical reaction between the water and cementitious materials, it cures, and binds the elements together to form a hard, durable stone-like material that has many uses. Thus, concrete’s Latin translation – grow together.

 This curing process is a delicate one, but achieving ultimate strength in concrete’s top layer is imperative. Transhield, long known for advanced protective cover technology, has engineered a new product, TopCure. TopCure is a concrete curing cover that reduces the rate of evaporation while retaining moisture, resulting in a top layer of greater strength. Watch the below video for more in depth information regarding Transhield’s innovative concrete curing process.

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Mindy directs, manages, and implements the marketing strategy of Transhield through a variety of methods and channels. In addition to leading Transhield’s marketing efforts, Mindy is the lead sales specialist for TopCure – Transhield's newest product; a concrete curing cover designed with safety in mind. Mindy is a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, the American Concrete Institute, and the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

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