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Author: Seckin Ozol

The Cost of Corrosion

Corrosion: not only does it eat away at valuable equipment, but it also eats away at your wallet. Find out why so many people are studying this issue.

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Transhield – The Shrinkable Fabric® Provides Eco-Friendly Protection

Transhield has successfully trialed a revolutionary system to recycle their groundbreaking Transhield Shrinkable Fabric®.

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What is Water Vapor Transmission Rate?

Learn about the what, where and how of water transmission rate.

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Access to Notre Dame’s Material’s Characterization Facility Increases Transhield’s Fabric Testing Capabilities

Transhield will now have access to the Materials Characterization Facility which will increase the testing capability of Transhield fabrics.

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Patenting: A How-To on Protecting Innovative Ideas

Seckin Ozol, V.P. of Engineering R&D at Transhield, shares his experience in patenting new products and processes for Transhield.

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What are the 5 most harmful elements to your equipment?

Nature is a wild place for equipment-assets. Natural elements wreak havoc on the finish of your equipment -- causing all kinds of damage.

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Are VCIs Dangerous?

How VCIs are applied determines their level of toxicity to humans. High doses, or 100% pure samples of VCI compounds, can be harmful.

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