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Author: Nathan Worthy

Installing Transhield Boat Covers: Best Practices for Transit 

The protection of boats during storage and transport is critical for manufacturers to avoid costly damage, resulting in warranty claims and increased repair costs. Transhield has served the marine market with custom-fit covers for 30 years, building a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and superior protection compared to traditional methods like shrink wrap and tarping. However, …

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Why Does Your Protective Cover Need Vents?

Why are vents needed? Where should you place vents? How many vents does your cover need? Learn all about vents in this helpful guide.

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Transhield vs Tarping: Shipping with Higher Standards

Tarping to protect your products and equipment risks the quality you’ve put into them. Let us give you a better solution.

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Preventing Cover Failures During High-speed Transit

Ensuring the quality of your products with a protective covering that won’t fail is a crucial step in delivering the quality your customers expect.

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