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Even before George Washington declared the first nationwide celebration of the holiday, Thanksgiving was a day rich with tradition and history.[1] From its origins as a harvest festival at Plymouth Rock, to the dining room tables creaking under the weight of all those mashed potatoes in America today, Thanksgiving is a time of year to take a moment and be grateful for the people in your life. As a company that relies on, and values, its many employees, Transhield wants to take a moment to reflect on the bountiful traditions Thanksgiving brings, and give thanks for the men and women that work every day to make us industry leaders.

In a time when many Americans feel distant from fellow citizens, Thanksgiving is a timely and wonderful reminder of how close our roots are. Harvest festivals have been celebrations in nearly every major human civilization for thousands of years.[2] So in a way, to celebrate Thanksgiving, or any harvest festival, is to be human.

For Americans, Canadians, and some Caribbean nations though, Thanksgiving is more than a mere harvest festival. It’s a time of year full of family and friends, sharing memories and creating new ones. Everyone has their favorite dish and an annual tradition or two. From snapping the wishbone, going outside for a round of football, or relaxing inside to enjoy your favorite team play instead, Thanksgiving gives people the opportunity to both celebrate what’s come before and create their own traditions.

Sitting down for turkey, stuffing, and plenty of gravy with the family is probably the most common and comforting tradition for Americans. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which fills the skies above Manhattan with colorful cartoon and pop-culture figures, is the world’s largest parade. Started in 1924, balloons, Broadway performances, and marching bands give a sense of awe and wonder to children worldwide. For many, watching the parade live or on TV is a tradition as nostalgic as turkey with cranberry sauce.

Be the tradition big or small, Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on the values we all share and appreciate the hard work that’s brought us all to where we sit today. Giving thanks may feel small at the time, but those on the receiving end of your gratitude will almost certainly say how good it feels to be appreciated. So, as families and friends all over the United States sit down to share a feast, Transhield wants to extend a warm thank you to the employees, customers, and partners that contribute to our success. Have a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season!



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