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The residents of cities and towns across America depend on reliable public transportation to get them to and from work and school every day. Since municipal budgets are tighter than ever, railcars and busses need to last years, if not decades. Therefore, it’s important to protect these valuable assets from being damaged by the elements and vandalism. Equipment covers can make a huge difference in keeping these vehicles looking their best and operating reliably.

Most busses and railcars are designed and manufactured to withstand rain, ice, and snow by using protective finishes. However, gravel and rocks can pit and damage those coatings, allowing the underlying metal in the undercarriage, chassis, and bumpers to be exposed to the elements. This leaves the vehicles vulnerable to attack from pollution, salt, and other harsh de-icing compounds such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. The corrosion process doesn’t stop when vehicles are stored but continues unabated.

Weather isn’t the only danger to public transportation. These vehicles are also prime targets for vandalism. In a small community in England, a group of just six people carried out coordinated and planned attacks that caused a total of £50,000 worth of damage to train cars.[1] But it doesn’t take a huge act of destruction to have a major impact. For example, in the small community of Sidney, Ohio, just one word spray painted on the side of a bus resulted in an estimated $1000 in damage.[2]

So if you are part of a municipality or small government, how can you help protect these valuable investments? One simple way is by covering them while not in active service. Transhield provides custom protective covers to keep busses and railcars clean, dry, and protected while in storage. This means vandals can’t easily damage these vehicles and the corrosive effects of weather and the elements are reduced. In fact, our covers have been shown to reduce corrosion by up to 95%.

Transhield was founded in Elkhart, Indiana over 20 years ago to service the automotive and RV industry. Today, we provide custom equipment covers for public transportation such as busses, subways, and train railcars, as well as military vehicles, boats, and more. Our patented anti-corrosion technology is widely used in the fabrics we make to keep valuable assets protected.

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