Specialty Storage Cover Solutions

Tri-Laminate Covers

These specialty storage covers are lightweight and provide a foamed thickness for protecting products without damaging the finish. Tri-laminate custom canoe and kayak storage covers are an alternative to conventional hand wrapping for shipping and storage protection. The covers are easy to apply. They can be removed quickly and easily and in many cases are reusable.

Quick Facts
  • Protects from UV light, rain, snow, dust, and other environmental elements
  • Soft interior lining won’t scratch or etch the surface
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable

General Characteristics

Technology Behind Tri-laminate

Characteristics Property Test Method
Water-Resistant Yes -
Breathable - Water Vapor Transmission Rate (g/sqm/day) 37.8 °C 100% RH N/A ASTM F1249
VCI Formulation No VCI -
Weight (lbs/sqyd) 0.43 ASTM D1505
Thickness (mils) 75 -
Tensile Strength (psi) MD 700 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Tensile Strength (psi) CD 560 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Tear Strength (Notched Elemdorf) (lbs) MD 10 ASTM D1922
Tear Strength (Notched Elemdorf) (lbs) CD 17 ASTM D1922
Yield Strength (psi) MD 310 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Yield Strength (psi) CD 240 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Load Bearing (lbs) MD 160 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Load Bearing (lbs) CD 130 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Break Elongation % MD 25 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Break Elongation % CD 20 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Ultraviolet Blockage N/A ASTM D1003
Gloss - 60% Angle N/A ASTM D523 / ASTM D2263
Oil and Hydraulic Fluid Resistance Repels Common Oils -
Expected Lifespan 1 year -

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