A heavy-duty, anti-corrosion, custom-fit protective cover

Transhield XT Covers

Made to withstand extreme environments from intense heat and humidity to brittle cold and snow, Transhield covers made with XT material will protect your equipment in all conditions. The smooth exterior sheds water and snow. The soft interior contains a patented VCI technology that works within the body of the cover by emitting VCI in vapor form and bonding to the equipment’s metal surface, thereby disrupting the electro-chemical reaction that causes corrosion. All XT covers excel in day to day on/off use and are proudly made in the U.S.A.

transhield xt cover in action
Quick Facts
  • Water Resistant
  • Reduces corrosion by 85-95%
  • 0.7 lbs per square yard
  • High moisture removal rate
  • Soft, inner layer for protection and ease of installation
  • Can be installed and removed on a daily basis
  • UV-resistant

General Characteristics

Technology Behind Transhield XT


Characteristics Property Test Method
Water Resistant Yes -
Breathability - Water Vapor Transmission Rate (g/sqm/day) 37.8 °C 100% RH 5 ASTM F1249
VCI Formulation Multi-Metal -
Weight (lbs/sqyd) 0.75 ASTM D1505
Thickness (mils) 45 ASTM D1777
Tensile Strength (psi) MD 3000 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Tensile Strength (psi) CD 2000 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Puncture (lbs) 85 ASTM D4833
Tear Strength (Notched Elemdorf) (lbs) MD 17 ASTM D1922
Tear Strength (Notched Elemdorf) (lbs) CD 33 ASTM D1922
Yield Strength (psi) MD 2700 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Yield Strength (psi) CD 1800 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Load Bearing (lbs/in) MD 140 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Load Bearing (lbs/in) CD 100 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Break Elongation % MD 70 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Break Elongation % CD 70 ASTM D882 / ASTM D5034
Ultraviolet Blockage >99% ASTM D1003
Gloss - 60° Angle < 50 ASTM D523 / ASTM D2263
Oil and Hydraulic Fluid Resistance Repels Common Oils -
Expected Lifespan 2 to 4 years -
Transhield XT Protective Covers are Ideal for

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