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In a recent blog post, Transhield searched for the reason why customers value their B2B relationships. The results showed that customers are more likely to refer a product or service to their peers when they receive great customer service. Heinz Marketing reported that nearly 84% of B2B buyers begin their process with a referral, so the connection between providing great customer service and increased business is clear.

Keeping these comments and statistics in mind, we decided to interview Mazak Corp. to gain even more insight into why customers keep referring. Working with advanced CNC machining solutions that include multi-tasking, 5-axis, milling, and both CNC controls and automation, Mazak has earned its sterling industry reputation with a global workforce topping 8,000.

The manufacturing process isn’t complete until the product is out the door and on its way to the customer. When the clock is ticking, the ability to quickly and efficiently wrap your product can be the difference between making and missing a deadline. Ron West, an Assistant Manager at Mazak, greatly values the efficiency of the Transhield process, especially compared to the conventional shipment prep he used to rely on:

“The old method of preparing a machine for shipment consists of installing foam, installing plastic, and installing the truck driver’s tarp on the machine. Normally it was an hour or an hour and a half. Using the Transhield covers were more efficient. You just lift it up and set it down on the machine, shrink to the product. You’re probably less than a half-hour and you’re done. You’re ready to go out the door!”

It’s true that when your company is working with expensive, delicate machinery, shipping can quickly soak up time and resources. Transhield utilizes a laminated fabric that can easily be sewn to custom-fit any order without sacrificing its distinctly quick and easy application. That customization is just one reason. Transhield prioritizes customer service. B2B communication is essential to streamlining each individual product’s manufacturing process. Ron West summed up his great experience with Transhield, stating, “Mazak has a good relationship with Transhield. We have tried many different products. On the customer’s end, he sees a high-quality machine and a nice, professional packaging method received at his door.”

It’s no secret that Transhield hasn’t shied away from getting into the nitty-gritty to develop cutting-edge products, keep operations running smoothly, and utilizing their years of experience to set the standard for protective covers. And they do it all with world-class customer service as a constant priority.

These conversations with customers reveals the payoff of offering invaluable services and products. Learn more online about the team and how you can enjoy our top-notch customer service!

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Mindy directs, manages, and implements the marketing strategy of Transhield through a variety of methods and channels. In addition to leading Transhield’s marketing efforts, Mindy is the lead sales specialist for TopCure – Transhield's newest product; a concrete curing cover designed with safety in mind. Mindy is a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, the American Concrete Institute, and the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

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