Concrete Curing: Strengthening Your Structures

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Controlling the temperature and moisture of your concrete during curing is a critical component of quality control and quality assurance when it comes to the final state of your concrete structure. Using the proper methods will prevent drying, shrinking, and/or cracking, and ultimately improve the performance of the final structure. We’ve engineered a new product to help make that process as efficient and effective as possible. Introducing: TopCure concrete coverings. We’ll show you how TopCure from Transhield can improve your curing process and help strengthen your structures.

What is Concrete Curing?

Simply put, concrete curing is the process of maintaining the right amount of moisture in concrete within the right temperature range to help cement hydration – the chemical reaction between cement and water – at early stages. This process produces the chemicals needed for proper setting and hardening, which, in turn, affects the overall strength and durability of concrete structures.

Cement hydration is impacted by a variety of factors, including initial concrete temperature, ambient air temperature, concrete dimensions, and the particular mix of concrete being used. In order to achieve the ideal compressive strength of concrete (70%, as recommended by the American Concrete Institute) you’ve got to have the right conditions that allow the hydration process to happen at a rapid and continuous rate. This typically takes about seven days, depending on concrete and air temperatures.

Why is concrete curing so important?

Without getting too far into the weeds, water evaporating too quickly from the concrete after it’s placed means there won’t be enough left to give the cement the amount of hydration it needs to reach its maximum compressive strength. As you probably know, without maximum compressive strength, you’re risking shrinking, cracking, and compromised performance. To avoid these mishaps, it’s important that the concrete curing process begins as soon as the concrete has been placed. When placing your concrete, your curing method should be ready to go so you can begin curing quickly and effectively. That’s where TopCure can make your life a whole lot easier.

Topcure: the top choice

A popular method for concrete curing to reduce the loss of moisture is covering newly placed concrete with impervious paper or plastic sheets. TopCure makes this method easy, efficient, and fast. TopCure is a concrete curing cover that reduces the rate of evaporation and retains moisture, resulting in greater top-layer durability.

Individually wrapped 10’ x 250’ (2,500 sf) rolls are strong, lay flat, won’t tear or fall apart when applying or removing, and leave no residue behind. The highly effective white coloring repels UV rays to reduce evaporation rates and retain proper moisture. The clean, nonwoven interior maintains moisture with hydrating pods that allow faster water absorption. TopCure can be used for almost any concrete structure curing. It even comes with an anti-slip “grit” surface to prevent slips and falls and complies with ASTM C171.

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