What’s the best concrete curing option?

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If you want to ensure your concrete structures are strong and last for the long haul, you’ll need to cure your concrete. Doing this controls the rate of moisture loss and ensures ultimate durability. And while concrete covering options and curing options abound, you want to select an option that’s efficient and increases the safety of your job site. Read on to learn why TopCure could be the best choice for your next concrete curing project and how you easy it is to install. 


TopCure’s difference

Before Transhield introduced our proprietary floor covering in 2018, we listened to construction contractors who told us their top priority was safety management. Because other concrete curing blankets on the market were slippery, we created a curing blanket with three unique properties that put safety at the forefront:

  • An anti-slip grit surface that prevents slips and falls
  • A clean nonwoven that makes cleanup faster and contains no superabsorbent polymers (SAPs), which can cause slipperiness and leave behind residue
  • Ultimate durability with a fully laminated product that doesn’t tear, is puncture-resistant, and acts as a floor protectant during the 7-day concrete curing time


TopCure is all about safety … and it also has efficiency and convenience in mind. Individually wrapped 10’ x 250’ rolls lay flat and don’t fall apart when applying or removing. The proprietary white coloring of the sheets repels UV rays, reducing evaporation and maintaining the proper level of moisture needed for concrete curing. The hydrating pods inside the nonwoven interior allow for faster water absorption. Its durability allows for foot traffic and even light wheel traffic during the 7-day curing period, so other trades can get started. And since TopCure doesn’t contain any SAPs, there’s no residue left behind, saving you time and labor when removing. It’s all so you can achieve total strength in the top layer of the concrete.



Once you’re ready to cure your concrete, follow the steps below to install TopCure:

  1. Wait until concrete has achieved surface strength.
  2. Working in sections, completely flood the area with water — this is critical to the material’s performance.
  3. Begin rolling out TopCure along the edge of the slab while spraying the inner fabric layer with water
    as it unwinds.
  4. Be sure to completely saturate the fabric side.
  5. Slowly continue unrolling and saturating with water. The material should “float” on the water.
  6. Overlap edges at least 6”.
  7. Do not let the material crease — this will cause tiger stripes.
  8. Continue the process until the slab is covered. For outdoor use, weigh down edges and seams with 2x4s, rebar, or any similar weight to keep air from getting underneath.
  9. Remove after the required curing time and dispose. To recycle, just separate the film from the nonwoven.


For more than 25 years, Transhield has been innovating advanced protective cover technology for a variety of industries, all so our customers can protect everything from their equipment to their flooring. Our patented TopCure is yet another solution we’ve created with our customers — and their safety — at the top of our minds.


Ready to get started? Contact us today for your next curing project. 

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Mindy directs, manages, and implements the marketing strategy of Transhield through a variety of methods and channels. In addition to leading Transhield’s marketing efforts, Mindy is the lead sales specialist for TopCure – Transhield's newest product; a concrete curing cover designed with safety in mind. Mindy is a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, the American Concrete Institute, and the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

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