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If you’ve ever thought “a cover is just a cover,” you should think again. In the 10 months I’ve been at Transhield, I’ve learned a lot. Most importantly: a cover is NOT just a cover.

First, let’s explore the word “Cover.” It’s a verb – meaning to place something over or to protect or conceal. AND it’s a noun – meaning anything that veils, screens or shuts from sight. In the case of Transhield covers, they are nouns. Great big nouns. Nouns that are so large they can cover a 286’ wide water treatment container or a locomotive car. These covers can get BIG. That was my first realization.

Typically, we think of using a cover to protect something from getting wet or dirty. Transhield covers are great for this. They are custom fitted so that water doesn’t pool and create a dip such that it eventually collapses the cover. They are cinched tight so they don’t blow off from the wind, and in some cases, they are shrunk to fit like a glove so that the thing they are covering actually becomes aerodynamic. Pretty cool stuff.

And then there is the issue of corrosion. Corrosion is the nemesis of anything metal. It can ruin a perfectly good product in a matter of weeks and destroy it over the course of a year. Did you know the U.S. Department of Defense spends over $20 billion dollars on efforts to combat environmental degradation to the fleet and artillery?

Using a standard cover can actually exacerbate the speed of corrosion, but a Transhield cover with VCI actually reduces the corrosion by as much as 96%. How? Vapor corrosion inhibitors are added to the middle layer of the fabric cover. The cover has a way of emitting the VCI vapors at such a rate that the corrosion preventative level is maintained over the course of many years. Who knew a cover could protect like that?

Thus, a cover is not just a cover. When it’s a Transhield cover, it’s a veil of protection that saves oodles of money and time.

About the author

Mindy directs, manages, and implements the marketing strategy of Transhield through a variety of methods and channels. In addition to leading Transhield’s marketing efforts, Mindy is the lead sales specialist for TopCure – Transhield's newest product; a concrete curing cover designed with safety in mind. Mindy is a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, the American Concrete Institute, and the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

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