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As demand for robust IT infrastructure surges, modular construction emerges as the solution for efficient, scalable data centers. However, off-site construction risks damage during storage and transport. Transhield provides cutting-edge custom protective covers to support safe transportation and storage of equipment.
Why choose Transhield for data center equipment covers
Transhield is committed to protecting your products from the forces of nature. Our advanced protective cover technology is waterproof, breathable, and can conform to any shape. Our materials are designed to block moisture, mold, and rust before they can even begin. Trust Transhield to safeguard your modular data center construction projects.
Uncover the Technology

Our portfolio of custom-fit data center equipment covers

Why Transhield Works

Advanced covers to protect your data industry equipment  

Ease of Use

Requires minimal personnel to install your cover which streamlines operations and in-turn, cuts labor costs. 

Saves Time

Offers a quicker, cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, saving you time (and money) in the long run.

Professional Product Appearance
Maintains a professional appearance for your assets during storage and transport.


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